AC Business Plans is no ordinary company. We combine 3 crucial elements to support youself or your clients in preparing business plans, for whatever purpose:
  • Within in a small, friendly organisation, we cover all the necessary skills: financial, accounting, economic, marketing, sales and HR.
  • We have a truly global understading of intercultural issues, our roots and experiences ranging from Dubai to LA and have the cultural sensitivity to work with anyone.
  • We have an experiene of wide range of industries, from local beauty salons to international media companies.

Current entrepreneurial immigration visas – Start-up visas and Innovator visas, would also require business plans and strategies, before being endorsed by approved bodies, and we’re in a perfect position to support you to put these documents together. For these types of visas, the applicatants will be assesed by 3 criteria: Innovation, Viability,and Scalability.

Al business plan from us would have the following components, and depending on your requirements, we can deliver exactly what you need and craft your strategy, making it suitable for the endorsing body and developing your business further in the UK:

  • An executive summary and the overview of the business;
  • An operations and activities plan
  • Market research and analysis
  • A description of your products and services
  • Sales and marketing plans
  • Competitor analysis
  • Roles, employees and stakeholders of the business
  • Financial plan, projections and forecasts.


Essential Package: £850

This business plan is compliant with Home Office requirement. It will have all the components of a plan for up to £200,000 investment, creating 2 full time jobs. It will support your or your client’s Innovator Visa, covering the outline of the business, detailing the business model, carrying out market research, providing with necessary financial, marketing and sales plans.

Comprehensive: £1250

Comprehensive business plan will include several other features on top of the essential package, such as financial projections, competitor analysis and digital marketing strategy. Depending on the type of your business and product, we will develop the plan with you, adding all the components relevant for the particular idea. It will be compliant to all the Home Office requirements if you or your client are applying for an Innovator visa.

Bespoke: Price on quotation

Bespoke business plans can have a wide range components, depending on your requirements, including

  • executive summary
  • company description
  • market and competitor analysis
  • management and organisational structure
  • description of your product or the service
  • online and offline marketing plan
  • further funding ideas
  • financial projections and forecasts